Concepts, ideas and editorial work in interior design magazine Nya Rum.

In Nya Rum 2018/03 I got a chance to develop a favorite theme of mine; the Wild West, with Georgia O´Keeffe and the desert as inspiration. Styling Caroline Sandström Photo Martin Cederblad.
More cowboys. Styling Caroline Sandström Photo Martin Cederblad.
Eating in the Wild West. Styling Caroline Sandström Photo Martin Cederblad.
We explored the modern sports cabin in Nya Rum January 2018 Sports/New Beginnings issue.

Sports and interior stuff.
Sports and interior stuff.
The feeling of ice and winter sports.

Nya Rum relaunches in 2016 with the Luxury Issue.

Nya Rum worked with photographer Sotarn to create a series of images on the theme Luxury, which we also displayed in an exhibition (2016/01).
Photo Sotarn.
Photo Sotarn.
Grey and dusty pink was the color scheme in the Luxury issue. Styling Maria Nordin Photo Martin Cederblad.
Styling Maria Nordin Photo Martin Cederblad.
The Street issue of Nya Rum (2016/02). Filled with graffiti, street art, urban planning and unexpected stories.
Street art in Miami.
Urban planning Nya Rum-style. Illustration Team Hawaii.

An editorial about Bleecker street in New York. A nostalgic trip down memory lanes for me as well as many many others. From The Street issue of Nya Rum (2016/02). Map illustration by Me.

Vegetation was the theme for the spring issue of Nya Rum 2016. Illustration Team Hawaii.

Sunscreen product page. A given idea in a summer issue (2016).
Travel issue (2016). Illustration Team Hawaii.
Packing stuff for the trip.
Plastic is fantastic? We ask the question in the Playful Design issue of Nya Rum (2016).

Beautiful styling by Maria Nordin on the concept of toys and playful design. Photo Martin Cederblad.
Beautiful and unusual color combinations. Burgundy and Lemon yellow. (fall 2017)
Silver and green.
Mustard and blue.
Dusty pink and camel.
Gambling night. It started with the amazing deck of cards from Christian Lacroix and that was it. (fall 2017)
A page of bright red for Christmas 2017.
A Christmas issue centered around traditional and modern fairytales. 2017.
Favorite editorial moment for a graphic designer. Fairy tale and art books for old and young.
Since wallpaper can really help with the wintery and cosy atmosphere I wanted to do an editorial about Cole&Son in the Christmas issue of 2017.
I love the artist Yves Klein, and we did this editorial as part of an issue with tons of blue stuff (2015).
Yves Klein.
Yves Klein.
Wearable/portable sound; my favorites in 2015.
Cobalt blue as part of the color scheme of the Summer 2015 issue of Nya Rum.


Beautiful things for the weekend. 2015.
A piece on surf esthetic. 2015.


What could be better that Morocco and fashion history combined? 2015.
An amazing and cool house we found in Antwerp. For more on this trip look here.